Traditional Behemoth Enterprise want to be nimbler: Totally Owned Enterprise

Today’s consumers’ high connectedness means they take hardly anytime to change opinions on products or services. This means traditional models of people coming together for commercial enterprise that build these products or services are already crumbling. We can see it in the decline of ‘traditional behemoth enterprises’ competing against Airbnbs and Ubers of the world.

There is also a growing body of work even within ‘traditional behemoth enterprises’ about how to keep employees ‘engaged’ and leverage their full strengths, about how having teams larger than that can be fed with ‘two pizzas’ isn’t productive, about how to encourage ‘intraprenuership’, about how ‘internal’ capital markets can be more ‘efficient’ than ‘external’ capital markets, etc. This body of work symbolizes the rethink among even ‘traditional behemoth enterprises’ to be as nimble.

P.S.1: I had my own pondering on nimbler enterprise models in my previous post –

P.S.2: DAOs, Platform Enterprises, Cisco Eco System – all seem related to this.

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