Searchlight Syndrome

The post was inspired by incremental thinking that I am observing in so many product companies – B2B and B2C – Focussed Groups, SIGs, Voice of Customers, etc.

It feels as if these product companies are looking at the market with a searchlight and not as a whole – I am calling this as the ‘Searchlight Syndrome’. I proposition looking at the new and unseen opportunities too so that product companies can exponentially increase their market.

Example is the iPhone – when the phone companies continued their incremental ‘searchlight thinking’ they only got a blackberry and a Motorola razor but there were opportunities that were not seen. Getting into those opportunities is now opening up iPhone and its imitators into more than the phone market.

I got to write more about this but I put how I see this in a quick scribbling below – do ping me if this interests you but the slides are not comprehensible.

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