Human Engagement – AI vs Gig Economy

When the last industrial revolution happened, humans moved their collective attention from meanial tasks to better care and improving lifestyle. Jobs like fashion designer, medical engineering, etc got created because we focussed on something more than what we were doing back then.

I think even in this industrial revolution with AI, we need to think of where we want to apply that collective attention. I think Gig economy will stay but what will these gigs be for – I read someone write on twitter that we will all become Uber drivers and take turns to drive each other around. But it raises a pertinent question – do we know what these gigs would be? I think unless we figure out what these gigs will be, we won’t know where that collective attention would focus.

I think humans should focus their collective attention more than the problems of today – towards the problems of tommorow – problems of human survival tommorow – space colonization, super bugs and food security.

But to get this attention to this, in mass scale, we need to find gigs in each of these. Gigs get the engagement higher than just the investment done in the particular gig alone – because people are also investing in hopes of getting a gig – investing in innovative ideas, in better efficiency, in harnessing AI with human ingenuity, etc.

I think people in medical research, space and food supply chain should find models where they can open up these gigs. Even major corporations in this space should think of this – because… Wouldn’t you want to be the Uber in your business rather than waiting it out like this old age taxi companies?

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