Culture behind Disruption

We have all read of how some companies discovered the ‘Blue Oceans’, how some technology solutions ‘Disrupted’ a certain market. I began to think of how some of these companies/organizations could do multiple disruptions. Obviously, it might not have been only one brilliant chap coming up with all of such disruptions. It has to be something intrinsic in that organization – something that is surviving beyond individuals. Thats when I started thinking about culture. Perhaps these organizations have built a culture in such a way that it breeds disruptions from time to time.

To understand this further, I started reading about Google (before Alphabet) and Amazon – the two organizations that have continuously churned out disruptions. As an outsider, I would obviously only know little but I still tried to process whatever information I could. From what I found it appears that both the organizations have their own distinctive cultures. But, it so happens that Amazon apparently writes about this culture on their website. So, took a hack at seeing if I can digest public domain information into a diagram –

Culture for Disruption
Abstraction of Cultural Tenants

I tried to place the core content that I found into blue boxes and then arranged those blue boxes into a grouping and arrangement that seemed to give an abstract sense.

Hope this makes sense!

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